A walk to the lake

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It was about 27 degrees last year and I walked with my former girlfriend through the forest on my way to a swimming lake near us. My girlfriend has a very good figure. Long legs, a nice ass, wide hips, narrow waist, big tits and dark blonde long hair.

As usual, we walked hand in hand until we heard some groans from a bush along the walkway. My girlfriend didn’t think for a second and pulled me along. Her bare legs got welts from the branches that hit them. Behind the bush lay a woman of about 30 years (my girlfriend and I both 23).

This is exactly what we saw: spread legs, one hand under a short skirt (red) and a breast emerged from under a tight white shirt where she was stroking her nipple with her hand. She didn’t see us, so she was absorbed in her self-gratification.

My girlfriend quickly took off her clothes. Slowly she crawled across the ground towards the woman. She stroked the inside of the woman’s legs with her hand. She still did not realize that a stranger was with her, she groaned approvingly. Slowly my girlfriend slid her hand further upwards until she reached the already wet pussy. She started to massage the woman’s wet labia and lifted her skirt a little further.

Now I saw a clean-shaven cat that could hold a fist. The moisture was already running down. I had gotten a stiff cock by now. My girlfriend beckoned me. I sat down next to them and slowly started caressing the woman’s breasts which were large and tight. Her nipples were up to an inch long and stiff. I put my mouth around one nipple and slowly started twirling my tongue. She moaned a little louder and stopped playing with herself. Her eyes were still closed.

In the meantime my girlfriend had split the legs of the woman and was eating her nicely. I could no longer hold myself and quickly took off my clothes. I lay down next to the woman again, she reached for my cock and began to slowly jerk and massage. Faster and faster she started to pant and moan, more, more, yes go on. She came in violent shocks.

Now it was my turn. I sat on top of the woman and put my hard cock between her tits. She pressed them together and I started driving. I couldn’t take it anymore and said I was cumming. She opened her mouth and I sprayed all over her. Her whole face was covered with my warm load. She licked everything off. My girlfriend helped her and they ended up in a heavy French kiss.

I had focused on her pussy. It was really wet. My finger slid in and rhythmically brought the woman back to a high point. My girlfriend sat in front of her face and let her pussy lick until she came screaming. My cock had already grown to full size and I put it in the woman’s pussy. She was so wet, on every thrust you could hear the splashing.

My girlfriend stands in front of me and I start eating her. Slowly all three of us reach a peak. Panting, we fell down next to each other and rested for a bit. The woman had not seen our faces because she had her eyes closed the entire time. She just enjoyed the strangers that have satisfied her.

We got dressed and continue to the lake. We later saw the woman approaching, with… her husband and two children. Laughing, my girlfriend and I went for a swim to cool off from a hot summer afternoon.