A walk in the forest

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I’m Edwin, 19 years old and I live in the middle of the city where I study. I have been living with Inge of 20 years for the past year. After we met during the holidays she moved in with me. We have a great time together, in short, our relationship is going extremely well. We both enjoy walking and when you have spent all day in lecture halls it is wonderful to be outdoors.

On a Thursday afternoon my lecture had dropped out so I got home at noon. Inge was off that day. Hello, are you there yet? Yes, my lecture got canceled this afternoon. Oh, that’s nice, the weather is beautiful and I feel like taking a nice walk in the woods. Nice, let’s do it.

We changed and went to the station and took the train. When we arrived around two o’clock we walked from the station towards the forest. After about fifteen minutes walking on the paths through the forest, we heard something. There is probably a deer or some other wild animal, Inge said softly. Isn’t that dangerous? Well no, whatever it will be it will only flee. And what about hogs? They only attack when they are cornered. Very quietly we crept to the place where we heard something. We were both frozen to the ground at the sight.

There was a woman and a man, both between the ages of 35-40 years, on large rugs, making out furiously. The two noticed us and looked at us for a moment, but went straight back to work. The woman had taken his dick out of his pants and was stroking it and he had her blouse open and was playing with two beautiful big tits.

I whispered, let them be me. But Inge kept looking and I didn’t even make any move to leave. We have to go Inge, I said explicitly again. Yes, yes, let’s go. But her breathing became heavier and heavier. It really turned her on. I was standing half way behind Inge and suddenly I felt Inge’s hand touch my crotch. My dick had grown quite a bit already, but this touch was the limit.

I unzipped my fly and Inge took my dick in her hand, without looking at me. She started to jerk it softly. In the meantime, while I stood behind Inge I had her beautiful tits in my hands and kneaded them. They are full, a good handful. In short, tits that I love. The couple saw what was happening and they stopped what they were doing. They both got up and walked over to us.

Both Inge’s heart and mine were now really pounding in our throats. The man stood in front of Inge and unzipped her dress without saying a word. To my great surprise, Inge did not resist at all. She had become so horny that all her resistance had flowed away. The man leaned towards her and I saw his tongue disappear into her mouth and there was a wild kiss.

The woman stood next to me with her arm around my waist and she now took my dick that was still hanging out of my pants in her hand. And pulled it gently. I looked at her and immediately she offered me her mouth. We too were now deeply kissing. This woman was amazing, so wild, so horny. Her tongue snaked through our mouths like a wild beast.

I now also reached for her tits, which were so beautifully large, firm and yet slightly sagging and with two hard nipples on them. In a word deliciously horny. She pushed me away from her and said; come, we have a rug here. We lie down. She took my clothes off and the last thing she was wearing was now also off. Inge and that man had also stripped off the last clothes and Inge was on her knees giving him a blowjob.

The woman and I laid ourselves on the rug and continued our kiss. We were French kissing wildly and she kept caressing my dick. My fingers had found her soaking wet cunt and I was playing with her lips. When I touched her clit a little cry escaped her. She now pushed me onto my back and swung one leg over my head and sat on top of my face.

You don’t have to guess what was expected of me. Immediately my tongue disappeared between the lips and sucked on her clit. Which caused a lot of moaning. She was now sucking my dick mercilessly hard. I already started to make fuck movements. As a result, she almost choked on my dick. I said stop, otherwise I will spray everything in your mouth. Well, it was clear that she didn’t mind, because she just kept sucking. As a result, I squirted everything into her mouth and she swallowed everything.

But she didn’t stop sucking and to my surprise my dick almost didn’t slack. And two minutes later it was rock hard again. The woman got up, turned and lowered over my dick. She began to ride me as if she was being chased. So nice, a young cock and it’s so nice and hard. Fuck me hard boy, fuck me as hard as you can.

The man and Inge also sat down next to us. Inge lay down on her back with her legs wide open and the man thrust his dick inside. Which also elicited a cry from her. She put her arms and legs around the man and they fucked wildly. I had never seen Inge like this before. It had become a completely different woman. So horny and so wild. Come on, shouted Inge, I want to be fucked hard I’m so horny.

While the woman was riding me I kneaded her delicious tits. She leaned forward and put her tongue deep into my mouth again. She started to shake and groan heavily, which was smothered by our French kiss. I kept ramming until I could no longer hold it and I sprayed my cum deep in her. I also heard Inge shouting she was about to cum. While severely shocking they also came.

All four of us were panting side by side. We introduced ourselves to the man. You were so horny looking at us that we became very horny. And you are a very beautiful woman Inge. Inge smiled and blushed, Yes, I really mean it, you are a beautiful woman. The moment he said that, he started caressing Inge’s breasts. Inge blushed again and I know what that means. She got excited again.

You have very nice firm breasts, you are a lot younger than me, these are really beautiful. You also have beautiful breasts, they are large and firm and I also like those nipples. You can touch them, said the woman. Very carefully a hand from Inge went to her tits and started to caress them. The woman started to knead the tits of Inge really soft and twisted her nipples a bit.

Inge followed her example and became bolder, the woman leaned forward and took a nipple in her mouth and began to suck hard on it. Inge’s breathing was really heavy again and the woman started to caress her pussy. Inge started to moan softly. The woman leaned towards Inge’s face and without saying anything she put her tongue in Inge’s mouth. Inge remained passive for a moment but soon she answered the French kiss just as fervently.

And Inge was now also caressing the woman’s pussy and both women groaned and squirmed. The woman turned and sat on Inge’s face. Inge immediately started sucking her clit, the woman let out a cry and now also sucked on Inge’s clit. The horny dripped from their faces. Moments later, they both came in a shuddering and shocking way. Then we got dressed again and exchanged addresses. We would soon meet again.