A hot train ride

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Richard and I experienced something really horny a few weeks ago. We were on the train, it was very quiet and we sat opposite each other. I was wearing a red short dress, you could say very short, underneath an exciting red slip. When we were on the way I got really horny butterflies, I don’t know why, but just got horny and after I spread my legs slightly and let Richard look at my panties and saw that it turned him on.

Slowly I slid my hand under my dress and slowly started fingering myself. Judging by Richard’s reaction, it got him really horny and I watched the growing bulge in his pants. I pushed my wet labia apart and showed him how horny I was, I had already gotten quite wet from my finger. I put one leg on the couch so that Richard had a completely clear view of my pussy.

He put on his coat, you know, such a very long coat, then I saw him take his hard cock out of his pants and started to jerk off under the coat. That made me even hornier and I should cum, then I knelt down in front of him and pushed my head under the coat and sucked on that cock, he was so hard! After giving him a good head, I sat down opposite him and let him watch me finger myself.

Richard kept inciting me. Come on, slut of mine, let yourself go, Cum here in the train, cum, cum, cum, horny bitch of mine. I started to moan softly and felt myself slowly starting to cum. With a long deep sigh and a groan from the bottom of my toes I felt the orgasm flow through my horny body. Richard said something to me, but I was in such a horny daze that I didn’t catch any of it.

Then, once I came to, I saw a boy of about 18 years old, 2 cabins further, who was enjoying himself. We hadn’t seen or heard him coming, but he was sitting there with a big pole in his hands. Without hesitation I got up and walked over to him, he let go of his cock as I stood right in front of him. Let me help you out, honey. He said nothing, but I crawled down next to him on the couch and jerked him wildly. He didn’t hesitate and promptly started fingering me, I was so horny that the pussy juices ran out of me and left a wet spot on the couch. He fingered me like a savage and I felt recharged again, I heard that he would not last much longer and pressed his hard cock into my mouth and gave him a great blowjob. He sprayed a huge load into my throat, I never have gotten that much sperm out of a cock, I couldn’t swallow it all that fast and it seeped down the corners of my mouth over his cock and balls.

I started coming myself, I groaned it out, with that hard boy cock in my mouth. Richard watched our horny game from a distance and visibly enjoyed it. I licked his cock and balls deliciously and clean, while he still fingering wonderfully. I suddenly got up and shoved his head under my skirt and he pushed his tongue deep into my cunt and in a few seconds I climaxed again. I turned and walked back to Richard, who had his stiff cock in his hands. I said to him, “Fuck me as hard as you can now”. I spread my legs and lowered onto his pole, his cock slid into my groove with deep strokes to the root.

Oh yeah fuck me deeper, come on baby, come on, come on. It was not long before I felt a big wave of seed being injected into my box. I felt the cum run back down my legs. I knelt in front of him for a moment and sucked the last drops from his limp cock. I gave him a sweet French kiss and sat on the couch. There was a puddle of semen on the floor and my legs were completely covered.

I looked at that boy and beckoned him. He and Richard got on well and so did I. We met again and that resulted in many horny encounters, now it is even true that I have sex with him, if Richard has to work or something. So now I am well supplied with 2 lovely guys. We also sometimes make delicious trios. My guys are now also starting to discover bi-sex and I help them with that, which is wonderful to do, but especially to see.