A hot summer night

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We had a beach party from school, with a campfire and stuff, you know. I had walked off the party with a good friend. It just got too busy for us. I told him that I wanted to swim, it was a hot summer night and the water was still nice and warm. I undressed, down to my bra and thong. Ray seemed to be stripping me completely with his eyes.

I ran into the water and slowly saw Ray take off his clothes too. He walked over to me in his boxer shorts. Arriving in the water, we saw the other people of the party, that they did not miss us at all. Ray came close to me and gave me a kiss on the neck. A warm shiver went through me. I answered his kiss by gently stroking his back, to which I secretly went forward. He also started to caress me. Nice over my breasts and down, gently over my pussy. I slowly stroked his penis, which had now become hard, I started to jerk him off and I could tell that he liked it.

He started to pay more attention to my pussy, slowly put his hand under my thong, which really turned me on. He stroked my labia and very playfully let a finger slide between them. I noticed how wet it made me. I told him I wanted to go back to the beach. He thought that was okay. Together we walked back onto the beach. I lay down and he lay down next to me. The fingering and jerking continued, just before he was about to cum I stopped, I told him I wanted to get fucked. He lay on top of me and pressed his cock against my labia. I spread my legs even further and his mature gentleman slid in. In the meantime he kneaded my breasts, it was an intensely nice and horny feeling. He took his cock back and forth nice and deep, subtle and soft, and then again short and sweet.

I just lay there and completely surrendered to the wonderful feeling. I started to moan in pleasure and Ray went on quietly. Not much later he came to his peak. I took his cock out of my pussy and started sucking his hard cock, I would suck his cock completely empty until there was no more drop in it. He loved it and soon he cummed, his cum tasted as sweet as honey. He said to me “now you still have to be brought to your orgasm”. He put his head between my legs and started licking me vigorously, then again with his tongue in my cunt and then nice over my clit. He went up and started sucking my nipples, he started fingering me with his hand and nice deep with his fingers in.

I moaned softly to said that I was about to cum. When he figured that out, he put his nice, big, hard cock in my cunt and gave it another hard push. I had to hold back my scream or we would be caught by the others. I orgasmed wonderfully. We lay there for a while, tongues and caressing. Then we decided to sneak back to the partying quietly. We sat down and no one noticed that we had left. We experienced many exciting things that night.

Love An