A fun delivery

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It was on a cold winter day and I had to make a delivery to a customer. I arrived at his place and his 19 year old daughter came to open the door. Hi I said and she let me in. I told what I was carrying and started to carry everything inside. She sat down on the couch and looked at me, I winked at her and she got a little shy. When a moment later I came back in she was gone.

I unloaded everything and then I had to get a signature, so I called her and she said that I needed to come upstairs. When I got therre a door was open and I entered “I’m coming”, she said. “Sit down and maybe you want a drink?”, she asked. I was looking forward to that. “Just take somthing from the fridge”, she said. In the fridge was some bottle of champagne, that looked nice, and asked if I could have a glass. Sure she said, pour me one too.

Then she came in and I was shocked, she was wearing nothing but a thong, a pair of boots and she was smoking a cigarette, my ultimate sex fantasy! “Do you like it?”, she asked and I said “Yes!”. I got a good feeling and walked over to her. I stroked her nipples and started to kiss her nice and intense. My hands found their way to her nice horny and wet lips and I got a boner like I’ve never had before.

She took my pants off and her mouth worked its way to my dickhead. She started licking it and sucking it gently. I asked what she liked she said everything! I licked her smooth and soaking wet pussy as she moaned softly but enjoyingly!! I asked her if she had ever done anal before. “Yes”, she said, “I love it, stick your stick of pleasure up my ass!”.

My cock disappeared between her buttocks and after a few minutes I came into her nice horny ass. I also wanted to give her a feeling she had never had before and started riding her gently until she had an orgasm that made her cry with pleasure. She moaned and wanted more and I asked her to finger herself while trying to jerk me off. She did everything I wanted, she told me.

She tugged on my cock as if her life depended on it and made me squirt again, this time in her mouth. In the meantime I had been with her for several hours and had to continue my ride, but not without her given me a photo and her thong. And every time I am a bit depressed I smell it and feel a lot better again. It has been a few months now and every time I visit her we do turn a fantasy into reality, but better and hotter.