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9.1 ☆ My dull aunt

I don’t want to go to Aunt Emmie stomped Angela. Angela was a girl of just eighteen years old with beautiful wavy blond hair and beautiful green eyes. Why do I have to go to that dull aunt on my weekend off. I’d rather go to my friend Cara. Stop it, her mother said, you are going to pack your things and go to your aunt. Grumbling, Angela went to her room. On the way she saw her father, “Daddy” she said flattering and sultry to her father, may I please go to Cara this weekend? Usually it helped if she acted like that to her father. But not this time, her father said “no, your mother urged me to say no, and I will”. “Cunt”, Angela said. “What did you say?”, her father said. “Oh nothing”, Angela replied and walked on grumbling.

19m lesbian sisters licking fingering family aunt

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